How to Sell Digital Products on Google Shopping

Without Google thinking about business is impossible because Google has almost 93.12% market share over the world. The Google search engine helps businesses to index their search result page and is visible on the visitor interface.

If you are running an eCommerce business, Google Shopping is one of the biggest marketplaces which assist you to increase the visibility of your digital products on the Google search page. Google shopping listing boosts customers and sales on your eCommerce store as well.

You also can grab all the opportunities for your store that Google provides free such as Google my business, Google Sites, and Shopping listings. All of these Google features are used to sell digital products on Google Shopping.

How to Sell Digital Products on Google Shopping: 3 Simple Steps

To sell digital products on Google Shopping, you need to create an account on Google merchant center and upload product feeds including your eCommerce website, and address.

If you are inputting your products online on Google Shopping that means you want to sell products digitally that customers can access directly into your eCommerce store. 

Here are some tips to sell products on google shopping:

1. Create Google Merchant Account

Do you want to list your digital products on Google Shopping? The first step is You must need to have a Google Shopping merchant account. This will allow you to input and list your products to increase visibility on Google search results.

Google Merchant Account Requirements

Before creating a Google merchant account you need to know the basic requirements.

  • You must have a Google account.
  • You will need a website or eCommerce store with a physical location from where you are selling products
  • After creating an account, you have to verify your business and phone number.
  • You need to submit a digital product feed.
  • Your store and products must need to follow the Google merchant program policy.

If you follow these guides, your product will definitely live on Google shopping search.

2. Upload products to Google merchant center

Uploading products to the Google merchant center is the most important part because if you make any mistake in this section, your products won’t index into the shopping center.

Therefore, you need to know all the valid requirements for uploading products on the Google merchant center from the Google merchant program policy.

When you are listing products don’t forget to create separate feeds for the individual section. For example, if you are selling seasonal products, your feeds should design with winter products and summer products in different sections. 

To upload the list of products from your eCommerce website, go to the Google merchant center and go for Products > Upload. You can upload multiple products by using this section. 

Once you have uploaded all the necessary products, you should fill in the basic information for your product page including identities like GITN, beans, and MPN.

3. Google shopping ads strategy

If your eCommerce store not getting organic and interested customers, you have to use Google shopping ads which can help to reach a wide range of customers.

To show a Google shopping listing on the search results, you have to create shopping ads using Google AdWords. 

You don’t need to give much effort because Google will suggest you to create an ad account directly from the merchant center.

To create an ads account go to Google Adwords from the merchant page and set up the first ad to promote the shopping listing.

Google Adwords is pretty much user-friendly. When you try to set up ads it has a very clear section that a new user also can understand. If you don’t know how to use Google Adwords you should read its user guide.

So, it’s no matter whether you are creating a merchant account or not because if you want to grow sales, you just need to advertise your product to get targeted customers.

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