How to Grow Your eCommerce Business with Digital Marketing

Almost all businesses moving towards online eCommerce platforms to increase sales and conversions, where digital marketing plays an essential role.

Digital marketing helps businesses to promote their products and services to reach potential customers. That’s why people say digital marketing is the focal point for online business.

For example, ecommerce businesses should use social media, search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing tools to reach customers as well as convert them into sales.

In this guide, we will discuss how to grow your eCommerce business with digital marketing and share some examples that require for an ecommerce startup.

5 Ways to grow your eCommerce business with digital marketing

Using several digital marketing tools you can promote eCommerce business, where paid and free marketing strategies are available such as social media marketing, PPC, CPC, influencer marketing and so on.

Here are 5 digital marketing strategies that help you to grow your eCommerce business:

1. Use All of Your Social Sites for Sales

Social media is a positive marketing strategy for eCommerce businesses. The main purpose of using social media channels is to convert visitors into potential customers.  

By creating a brand page on most uses social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest you can share scheduled content to attract customers toward your brands and products. This is the traditional method to gain maximum organic social traffic for your eCommerce business.

Work on these sites in your eCommerce business strategy.

  • Facebook– Facebook has billions of active users who continuously use this platform to connect with people around the world. But approximately 40% of active user search for their necessary products and everyday needs. So, sharing your product description with pros and cons might call a huge audience for your eCommerce website.
  • Instagram– Instagram has several tools for eCommerce shops such as galleries that allow customers to connect to your Instagram page to shop directly.
  • YouTube– This is the most uses video sharing platform and has nearly 1.5 billion active users. Every Android device has YouTube apps that’s why it is easy for users to find their products review and find something good. So, you should create video content for YouTube including product reviews, why this product is good to use, and how the product can be used. That is how you can grow your eCommerce audience.

2. Invest in Product SEO

Running an Ecommerce website requires SEO which refers to search engine optimization. If you set goals to rank products higher in search engine results like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, you should invest time focusing on SEO. 

To get more organic customers for your Ecommerce website, the SEO marketing method is a long-term way to get free targetted traffic that can bring expected sales. So, investing in SEO would be worth the decision to grow a new Ecommerce shop.

3. Run a Product review blog

A product review website is an effective way to describe your products to the audience. It is also a marketing plan to attract customers by sharing product reviews on the Ecommerce blog section. For example, If you want to know about “best smart watch”, Tomsguide writing review blog post on what is the best smart watch, how to buy the best smart watch and how to use smart watch.

Businesses create an Ecommerce blog section to share their thoughts about a product and describe how they work and what are the benefits.

Google has millions of question searches everyday on “How to do”, “How to use” and What is it”. So, creating a blog post on product reviews and sharing tips on “how to use” including the pros and cons can boost your traffic.

4. Run PPC campaigns

To grow an Ecommerce business with paid advertising Pay-per-click (PPC) is the main model for online advertisement. Basically, PPC ads take place for online advertising on Google partner sites, search results, social media platforms, and websites. 

When customers are interested in your advertisement they click to learn more about your business or product. That’s how PPC advertisement work to grow an Ecommerce business.

5. Run an influencer marketing campaign

Influencer marketing is a creative way to promote a product through a famous person. Suppose, I am your host ” MD Jalal Uddin” I have 500K followers on my social profile. So, when a brand come to me for promotion I include their brand promotion including coupons and offers inside my content. My audience who are interested in that product, they visit that particular brand to take further action. You can say this is a clever strategy to promote an eCommerce shop.

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