5 Unique Ways to Increase Sales in Facebook eCommerce Shop

You’ve already established and well-built your online store on Facebook but can’t increase sales. This is a general query nowadays: how do we increase sales on our Facebook store?

But there are some viral ideas available to apply to our marketing strategy. There are already countless people using those ideas to increase sales, so competition is huge.

If you want to stand out in this competitive marketplace, you will need to know some unique marketing strategies to boost your sales.

In this article, we will talk about some unique marketing ideas that can really increase your sales and revenue.

5 Unique Ways to increase sales in Facebook eCommerce Shop

Here we are covering five unique ways to boost your Facebook eCommerce shop’s sales. Before applying them to your marketing strategy, you will need to have a deeper knowledge of each topic.

1. Understand your Customers Needs

Running a successful eCommerce shop on Facebook depends on its customers. Knowing your customers’ needs can help you develop your shop and launch new products on your eCommerce shop’s Facebook page.

When you know them well, such as their interests, needs, and budget, you can fulfill all their needs. That’s how you can build a happy customer community because you served them well.

Also, you can run social services to know your customer insights and use several social media plugins that provide huge customer data.

2. Share customer reviews on your Facebook eCommerce shop

Customers love to find reviews before buying something online because they can’t see the product physically. That’s why they want to explore previous customer reviews to know about product quality and what people are thinking about a company’s products and services.

You can ask for customer reviews from your existing happy customer database who have already bought your product and are getting benefits. To ask for customer reviews, you can use email marketing tools, WhatsApp messages, Facebook Messenger, and other marketing tools that allow you to connect with your customers.

3. Answer Customer questions via comments and messages

Customers often ask several questions before buying your product. Usually, they ask questions using the Facebook comment section, messages, WhatsApp, and direct calls. 

So you will need a dynamic customer service team that is active 24/7 to provide services because customers can ask questions at any time.

If you are unable to provide a quick response, you might lose that particular customer who is really willing to buy your products.

However, try to leave a quick response about their queries and list their interested products and details for further contact.

4. Give a easy of payment options

Facebook has different types of customers low-budget and high-budget. Now the point is low-budget customers may not have a bank account instead they might prefer mobile banking while making a purchase online. 

So several payment options allow people to purchase products using their available payment options. This can increase your sales and revenue as well. In an alternative way, you can offer them cash on delivery which is more reliable and more considerable. 

Most people don’t trust online businesses that’s why Facebook stores get fewer orders so if you want to attract customers to your business you can offer them cash on a delivery option. This will expand your happy customer size.

5. Provide a money-back guarantee

Customers want a reliable purchase online because they can’t see the original products and don’t know the product quality. But they only see the product benefits and features from the product description and they get interested to buy something. 

Still, they aren’t comfortable with your service so when you provide a money-back guarantee for each product you can earn the customer’s trust which help you to get more sales. So, this is important to have a money-back guarantee policy to increase your Facebook eCommerce store sales. 

If you apply our ideas to your marketing strategy, you will definitely get results within a week.

Further Reading

Approximately 99% of eCommerce business focus on Facebook marketing as Facebook has 2.99 billion use and 2.37 billion daily active users (DAUs). That means 68% of Facebook’s MAUs log each day. 

If you want to get targeted traffic from Facebook, you must have basic knowledge of social media marketing such as how to boost products, the right time to publish posts, how to increase sales and customers using several marketing tools, etc.

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