Dealing with Customer Reviews for eCommerce Products

Dealing with customer reviews for eCommerce products is the best way to attract customers by sharing what people think about your products and how they benefited from using any particular product.

A customer review for eCommerce website gives ideas about a single product, business, and service for other customers to read and decide whether the product should purchase or not. Besides, eCommerce business owners can collect those reviews to develop future products and services.

eCommerce platforms are completely based on online, for this reason, people can’t see or analyze products physically. That’s why they decide to read other customer reviews to analyze the product quality and benefits.

In this guide, we have shared tips for dealing with customer reviews for eCommerce products and included the benefits of online reviews for customers.

Importance of reviews in e-commerce

Customer reviews are important for several reasons such as boosting sales, helping customers make informed decisions, eCommerce store search engine ranking, building customer loyalty, and expanding business.

  • Boost sales. Positive reviews can increase sales. A recent study shows that 99% of customers buy products by seeing ratings and product reviews.
  • Help customers make informed decisions. eCommerce business is an online business where business owners offer products and customers who are interested to buy them, need to order online and eCommerce owners will deliver the product to the customer’s home. So, customers can’t see products in person. This is difficult to decide whether they should buy or not. But if there are any product reviews, customers can easily understand the product.
  • Improve search engine ranking. Google rank eCommerce website which serves helpful products for the customer. If your website has positive reviews, Google will boost your search engine ranking.
  • Build customer loyalty. If your product is good and helps people, they might leave a positive review on the product page or suggest friends and family to buy products. That’s how you can build customer loyalty.

Dealing with Customer Reviews for eCommerce Products

You can collect customer reviews for the eCommerce store using the star rating system and via comments. 

Ratings also help your eCommerce store to rank on Google search results pages. If you have more positive reviews, google will suggest your products to its customers. 

And if you have negative reviews on your store, your customers not benefited from using your products. So, Google may stop suggesting such products on the SERPs.

Therefore, you need to focus on quality and interesting products that really helpful for customers. If a customer sees positive reviews on a single product, they feel more confident and willing to buy these products. 

By collecting positive reviews from customers, you can boost sales and product ranking on your eCommerce store.

How to ask customer to write a review

You can ask customers to leave a review in several ways such as through conversation, sending email, making good relationships, and selling helpful products.

1. Generate reviews naturally through conversation

If you are talking with customers via messenger or message, you can guide them step by step on how to purchase and explain in detail about that particular product. Once they brought your product you need to note these sales details on the spreadsheet including the customer’s name, which product he/she is using, and the buying date.

After a few days, you can ask them to leave a review as they used that product and have good knowledge about it. So, they can write a reliable review.

2. Sending email

Asking via email can generate a massive number of reviews. If your company has a customer email list who already brought any item, you can ask them to write honest feedback.

To do so, you need to guide them step by step on how they can complete this process within a minute.

3. Making a good relationship with the customer

Making a good relationship is significant for each business because it will generate future purchases.

Once your customer buys an item from you, try to serve your best customer service as much as you can. Because it will generate a quality review and future sales as well.

4. Selling helpful products

Don’t chat with customers by serving fake products that won’t help anyone. 

Helpful products mean which has quality and work as per the product description. 

If you are writing a product description that people think is helpful but when they use that product and not found anything helpful, you will lose the customer forever and they will leave a bad review for your business which results to lose a massive customer.

So, you should work on helpful products to generate more sales and brand reliability. 

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